This Le Kaffee Bar slot has 243 ways to win and can be played on 5 reels with 3 symbols high. You’ll get 18 free spins while collecting cups of coffee, where you have the opportunity for an x5 multiplier that boosts your chances of winning big! The game features RTP rates between 96-98%.

Game Symbols

Whatever Your Taste is, There is Variety for Each One!

The symbols on the reel will start to glow, and then you’ll hear a whirring noise as they spin. This is when it’s time for some wild Re-spins of all your symbols!

Whatever Your Taste is, There is Variety for Each One!

Special Features

  • 3 multipliers and 10 free spins when you collect 10 coffee cups,
  • 4 multipliers and 15 spins when you land 20 coffee cups
  • 5 multipliers and 18 spins when you collect 30 coffee cups

Stacked symbols are the employees of this coffee shop. If you land five in a row, your chances of winning increase tenfold! The highest paying symbol is represented by an image with red hair and high heels– if that happens to be what appears on reels 2 through 5, then it will award 10 times whatever was bet into their cup or mug (or both).

Wild Spin Again– It’s a great way to double your winning chances! When you land 3 identical symbols, either vertically or horizontally, the middle symbol will turn into an additional wild card for that round. This gives players even more opportunities how they can form combos and get the highest scores possible in this game The only feature available within the base-game is activated when landing three similar pieces together; which grants players rewind function during spins as well as awards them with special promotions such as ” WildSpinAgain,” where–if there are no successful combinations made after all rounds have been played—then any collected coins.

Le Kaffee Bar on Mobile

Take a break from the office grind and get some coffee! The game is optimized for mobile devices so you can enjoy it on any screen.


Microgaming has created a slot machine that meets most demands of gamers. The features are awesome, including an inviting theme to get players into relaxing moments with coffee cups and opportunities for lucrative rewards as long as they collect them all! There isn’t a fixed jackpot, but up until 2833X, your stake can amount close to $85000 if betting high stakes is possible which makes this game even more enticing than others I’m sure you’ve seen those advertisements about how fantastic everything is at whatever casino or online site… But now imagine being able to have every single one Las Vegas lifestyle without leaving home.