The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) released its new budget this week, with plans to encourage tourism in Sin City. The authority is warning that if something isn’t done soon, then there could be significant impacts on jobs and visitors’ experience of the city due to low visitor numbers over recent months. The focus has shifted from leisure trips by domestic or international travellers alike; instead, it’s all about business transactions thanks largely because one company that lives here– MGM Resorts International corporation – just announced their intentions for growth through investments both domestically; internationally, which should help us out too.

Las Vegas Visitors Authority Approves Large $398 Million Budget

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll on Las Vegas tourism and traveller spending, it’s good news that $398 million will be devoted to getting visitors back. This is a larger budget than any other since 1955!

With a budget of $394 million, there’s plenty for marketers to spend to get their brand recognized. The most significant expense will be advertising, and if they’re smart about it, maybe this money could mean an even bigger impact than before! The new report from Forbes shows just how important having big marketing campaigns can make when you want people talking or stopping what they are doing because something caught our eye – whether good-looking models wearing gorgeous clothing walking down runways displaying beautiful jewelry pieces inspired by trends we couldn’t stop buying once we got them into stores; TV commercials during popular programs viewers love watching no matter where.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is a huge money-making machine for the city. The state’s $306 million in tax revenue will bring much-needed life back to this quiet area of The Strip, which has been eerily silent over recent years since many conventions have left or moved elsewhere because they no longer wanted their event hosted there.

Las Vegas NBA Rumor Grows Stronger

There’s a new rumour about Las Vegas and the NBA. The league has been looking to expand westward, but it seems they may be targeting Seattle and, more specifically, Sin City itself! A radio station recently interviewed Portland Trail Blazer’s columnist John Canzano who shared some interesting information on this topic with us (you can hear his comments here). He told them that “the plan” is for expansion next year–but only time will tell what exactly those words mean…

The NBA has been speculated for a long time now that they will expand to Las Vegas. League commissioner Adam Silver said he preferred creating new organizations instead of moving existing ones, but this could finally be the day where he takes their chances with expanding into an entire another city! It seems only natural as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman also made statements about his league’s success after expanding twice before in Seattle and Quebec City (both times). With all three leagues succeeding through these transitions, why wouldn’t we want our basketball counterparts doing exactly what works?

Seattle is more than prepared to welcome a team, especially after they used to own the Supersonics from 1967 and have been clamouring for one ever since.

Aerosmith Las Vegas Residency Shows Cancelled

Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith and one-time member America’sAmerica’s boy band, has entered rehab for alcohol addiction. The rest of his bandmates aren’t going to continue performing without him either, which means all shows in June and July have been cancelled, including their residency at Park MGM, where they were supposed to play until August this year when it was recently announced that Steven would be seeking treatment on indefinite basis instead due personal issues beyond just being addicted.

In 2019, Aerosmith took their Las Vegas residency to new heights by performing at the Park MGM just before COVID-19 started. The response from fans has been nothing short of phenomenal, and this will be an unforgettable show for all who attend!

Hotel management is devastated by the news of their upcoming performances being called off, but given how serious this situation has become, they understand that it may be difficult for fans to accept.

With all of this going on, it’s no wonder that Ticketing concerns still have to be sorted out. The band was set to hit the stage just a couple of days before their cancellation came about later than anticipated due to an issue with Adele postponing for own residency at Caesars Palace because of her creative differences and COVID-19-related issues.